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Calm & Confident Meditation Camp
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Throughout this ONLINE multi-day camp, we will learn how to meditate and practice mindfulness. This self-esteem themed camp focuses on accepting our uniqueness and teaches learners the importance of showing love towards ourselves.

During each class, we will practice breathing techniques and positive affirmations of self-love and acceptance.

Learners will be guided through a short meditation in each class to promote relaxation and a positive self-image. No prior meditation experience is required.

This is a 5 day camp, with the first class introducing mindfulness techniques and finishing with a guided visualization meditation of a calm, safe place in nature.

During the second meeting, we will begin with a mindfulness practice, finishing off with a glowing heart meditation.

Our third meeting, we will be guided through a grounding tree meditation.

Our forth class will involve us using our imagination and visualize being by the ocean.

Our fifth and final meeting will begin with a mindfulness practice, review our positive affirmations and end with a self-appreciation guided meditation.

Learners are encouraged to share any emotions and feelings that they are experiencing.

Calm & Confident Meditation Camp

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