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  • Ages: Gradeschooler


This class is designed to consistently build a better vocabulary through assigned reading, assignments and discussion. Each class, students will be introduced to several new vocabulary words and their definitions. The students will then be given a reading assignment and worksheets to reinforce the new words and definitions they’ve been taught.

Boredom is not our friend, so the reading assignments chosen will always be geared toward subject matter that students find fun and interesting.

There will also be random “Show Me Your Awesome” craft projects where student’s will be encouraged to let their creativity flow in any artistic way they choose, relating to the current subject under discussion.

Upon enrollment, students will receive a questionnaire. After completing and submitting their answers, I will be able to build a lesson plan that is individualized and unique to each student based on their own, personal interests.

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Value for Money

I spent most of my youth as a "Professional Student" (my Mom's term to describe me). I was constantly enrolled in a class or workshop of some kind. I have always had a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning. Now, with the knowledge I've gained, I have a new love. Teaching others has become the brightest part of my life so far.

I never forget that each and every student in my class is somebody's whole world...and it's always an honor to be their Teacher.

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