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Beginner Frozen Mindfulness Dance Class: Fun Workout for Kids!

  • Ages:
    Preschool, Gradeschooler

This course is a one-time beginner friendly dance class (class link at the end of description). This class is a perfect introduction for young learners to begin practicing coordination and to follow-along to directions. The Frozen mindfulness dance class will start by talking about mindfulness and how our bodies are feeling. We will stretch and get our bodies ready to dance and then start to learn the beginner friendly dance routine step by step. There will be a break during class, which will include fun Frozen trivia after learning the dance step by step. After our break we will do the dance all together to the song “Let it Go”. After performing we will all come together and discuss how our bodies are feeling after dancing.

Is this class the right one for your learner?
– Your learner loves Disney.
– Your learner loves to dance.
– Your learner needs to get that extra energy out!
– Your learner loves learning new things.
– You want a fun way for your learner to get exercise.

I set clear goals and expectations throughout the class. During class, students will be muted. I want to make sure all learners can hear instructions clearly. If there is a question, the student can always raise their hand and the teacher will unmute the student, or the student can press the virtual hand raise button or type their question in the chat box.

What is needed for class?
– Enough space to move body safely
– Tennis shoes or barefoot
– Moveable clothing
– Water bottle! We’ll make sure to stay hydrated through class.
– Students can wear their favorite Disney costume or outfit for a little extra fun but not required.

? The duration of the warm-up and choreography time may vary do to student participation. Length of routine may vary depending on ability of majority to pick up choreography. Educational games and story time (time permitted).

? All music is age appropriate and Frozen themed.

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Value for Money

Provider Krystal Wilks


I have been dancing my whole life and would love to share my passion while connecting through dance. I incorporate mindfulness into each class, because being taught mindfulness helped me in many ways when I was a child and I want to help give children the tools to be mindful. I was in Hip-Hop, Ballroom, and Latin dance classes for over 15 years. I was a Ballroom and Latin dance instructor for 5 year olds-90 year olds, and I learned a variety of dancing styles including how to waltz like a princess!
In my class we will discuss mindfulness and how are bodies are feeling, learn a dance routine step by step and then do the dance all together. During class we will take a few breaks and during one of those breaks we will play a fun trivia game. There are many things to learn through dance and I believe dance is so good for the body, mind, and to get those extra wiggles out!

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