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    Gradeschooler, Teen

This class is an introduction to words and phrases designed for students to continue study after completing “The ABC’s of ASL – American Sign Language”. It is not required for students to complete MY course of ABC’s, but they should already possess the skills to sign the complete alphabet before enrolling in this class.

Through videos, demonstration, games and participation, students will be introduced to everyday words such as food (apple, milk, hamburger, etc.), colors (red, blue, yellow, etc.), animals (dog, cat, elephant, etc.), people (mom, dad, sister, etc.) and phrases (my name is …, I am …years old, etc.). Students will also be taught signs in the categories of introductions, expressions, greetings, and questions. During the final class, students will be taught how to “Sing” a song in American Sign Language (The song chosen will depend on the average age of all enrolled learners).As a 4 week introductory class, I will introduce as many words and phrases the time will allow.

Proper finger and hand formation will accompany each new sign, while facial expression and body language will be taught beginning the third week.

Students will also be encouraged (but nor required) to interact with each other during the last 10 minutes of each class to practice the new signs introduced to during that weeks class, as well as posting questions and comments on the Classroom Message Board.

Handouts will be given in class as well as worksheets and study sheets to help students continue practicing and learning in between sessions.

On the final day of the course, all students receive a certificate of completion, featuring their name written in ASL

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I never forget that each and every student in my class is somebody's whole world...and it's always an honor to be their Teacher.

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