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Art Class: Learn How to Draw the Body

  • Ages:
    Gradeschooler, Teen

Learn the basics of drawing human anatomy and the proportions of the human figure. We will be exploring the basic construction of the human form, then building upon our simple structures with complex shapes, values, and details.

Objective:  We will be able to understand the basic components to drawing the human form by learning about anatomy, figures, and gestures through a guided workshop.

Format:  This class will follow a demonstration and discussion model that helps students learn by doing, with many chances to ask questions, and check for understanding.

We will start with gaining understanding of anatomy, figures, and gestures through a guided discussion.
We will go over the proportions of the human body, practice finding gesture lines, and learning a simplified method to finding body placement.
We will practice drawing simplified form, and then learn how to add details and values to “sculpt” our figures.

Ages: 10-14

Price: $15 per student

Duration: 55 mins

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