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5th Grade Math BootCamp – 4 weeks

  • Ages:
    Gradeschooler, Teen

4 week BootCamp Details:


Place values and number sense

→    Place values
→    Convert between place values
→    Compare numbers
→    Word names for numbers
→    Rounding
→    Even or odd: arithmetic rules
Addition and subtraction



→    Add and subtract whole numbers
→    Add and subtract whole numbers: word problems
→    Complete addition and subtraction sentences
→    Fill in the missing digits
→    Choose numbers with a particular sum or difference
→    Properties of addition



→    Multiply by one-digit numbers
→    Multiply by one-digit numbers: word problems
→    Multiplication patterns over increasing place values
→    Multiply numbers ending in zeroes
→    Multiply numbers ending in zeroes: word problems
→    Properties of multiplication
→    Choose numbers with a particular product

→    Division facts to 12
→    Division facts to 12: word problems
→    Divisibility rules
→    Divisibility rules: word problems
→    Divide by one-digit numbers
→    Divide by one-digit numbers: word problems
→    Divide by one-digit numbers: interpret remainders

Number sequences




→    Complete an increasing number sequence
→    Complete a geometric number sequence
→    Use a rule to complete a number sequence
→    Number sequences: word problems
→    Number sequences: mixed review



→    Understanding probability
→    Find the probability
→    Make predictions
→    Combination

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